Olivia's 3 Month Anniversary at Atkins Search

​This is Olivia, pictured with her Manager, Laura Belcher. Olivia joined us in July 2021 as a Recruitment Consultant and specialises in placing Construction and Civil Engineering professionals into reputable consultancies across the Midlands and South Yorkshire. Here is what Olivia has to say about her first 3 months with us!

“My first few months at Atkins Search have been both exciting, challenging and unforgettable. I have been incredibly lucky to receive continuous support from all the whole Atkins Search team. Laura, my Divisional Manager, has devoted her time and effort to help me learn and progress every day to which I have been able to see a huge difference in my performance in such a small space of time.

Within the short amount of time I have been with business, I have developed so many new skills that has resulted in me making successful placements within my first 3 months of employment! Alongside this, I have been lucky enough to network with some great businesses and meet some incredible people; this has increased my knowledge within the industry, which will continue to better my future performance. Meeting candidates and clients has not only increased my skills but I truly believe it provides a much more personal service which results in a high success rate and this approach has developed my relationships both within work and also outside of work.

Not only have I been astounded by my progress, I have also been blown away by the culture within the Atkins Search office. The team have made me feel so welcome and I have settled in easily due to their continued support and kindness. Everyone supports everyone, through the highs and the lows! The ethics and transparency of the business shines through like no other business, which motivates the whole team – myself included!

I am thoroughly enjoying my time here at Atkins Search and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for both the business and myself. Exciting times ahead!”

My three top tips to a successful start in any new job:

1.       Ask lots of questions

No question is too big, too small or too silly! By asking questions, you increase your knowledge and ultimately better your performance.

2.       The art of conversation is listening

It does exactly what it says on the tin! By listening to people, you will more than likely get the answers before you ask the questions. Listening to people will give them time to open up, build trust in you and it shows you care.

3.       Accepting mistakes

Without a doubt, the world of recruitment is like a rollercoaster, you will have highs and you will have the lows. By accepting mistakes, you will only better yourself and by remembering the mistakes you made the first time round, it will help you progress in future.