UK Election 2024

UK Election 2024

After much opinion and conjecture, the country now faces a change in government for the first time in 14 years, so how does that affect the Construction landscape:

Creating a skilled workforce

Right on top of the new governments to do list has to be a focus on skills development across the UK, specifically in the Construction sector. Labour have promised a workforce and training plan for the construction industry. With over 45,000 vacancies across the sector in the UK currently, the positive impact of getting skilled people into the industry, paying taxes, can have a huge impact on the industry and the public purse.

Housing market

A healthy vibrant housing market is an essential part of the UK’s economy, and the lack of both private and social options over the past 14 years, will have surely impacted the election result. The new government have proposed 1.5m new homes in the new parliament and restoring mandatory housing targets, through a National Policy Planning Framework.

Development of land

To prioritise the development of previously used land and fast-tracking approval of urban brownfield sites, Labour has also pledged a more strategic approach to greenbelt land designation. The release of lower quality ‘grey belt’ land will be prioritised, and the party will introduce ‘golden rules’ to ensure development benefits communities and nature.

Net Zero

Labour have proposed spending £15bn on green investment a year to include upgrading five million homes to an EPC C rating over the course of the parliament. They are also proposing decarbonising UK power by 2030 under new body, Great British Energy and double onshore wind, triple solar and quadruple offshore wind by 2030.

Let hope when implemented that the changes detailed above will be a real shot in the arm of the construction sector, and associated industries. Let’s see what the next 5 years bring, hopefully a positive uplift in the UK economy, we will be watching….