International Women's Day 2022

​International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated annually on 8th March to commemorate the cultural, political and achievements of women across the globe.

Here at Atkins Search, we pride ourselves on being an equal opportunities employer and actively choose to challenge stereotypes and fight bias whenever they arise. We are proud that women make up OVER 70% of our workforce, soon to be 80%!

In the world of Construction Recruitment that we inhabit, there can be biases and statistics show that only 10% of workers in the construction industry are women. Our team are fantastic ambassadors for International Women’s Day and here’s what a few of the team had to say…

“I meet with exceptional women every week in our industry, from undergraduates through to accomplished Directors / Business Owners of successful construction businesses. I am truly inspired by both men and women who champion Women in Construction and hope to see the support continue as we strive for gender equality in our respected industries.” – Laura Belcher, Divisional Manager

“Working as a recruiter in a historically ‘male-dominated’ industry, it is promising to see an influx of women deciding to choose a career in construction. The attitude towards women in construction is rapidly changing, and whilst there is still a way, it gives me so much to joy to see so many women in the industry smashing it out of the park.” – Jade Stevenson, Senior Consultant

“I’m inspired every day to see women in the construction industry breaking barriers, testing limits and changing the norms we’ve all grown to know. The percentage of women in construction climbs higher every year, with more women being promoted into leadership roles and with that, are able to pave the way for others. It’s so exciting and inspiring to be a part of and great to see the drive for equality in this industry.” – Nicole Broughton, Recruitment Consultant

“Having worked in and been responsible for the management of a number of different business, my experience has always been to treat everyone the same, irrespective of gender, race or sexual orientation. I believe the term is being an “equal opportunities employer” but in my experience it’s about being respectful and supportive of people and acting how you would expect to be treated. Set the tone, get the culture right and challenge bias wherever you find it.” – Antony Rowe, Director

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