ILM Leadership and Team Skills

Recently, our Senior Consultant Jade took part in an ILM Level 2 Leadership and Team Skills course with Nottingham College.

The course is designed for new, aspiring or practicing team leaders to develop leadership skills as well as helping you become more effective and confident in your role.

Here at Atkins Search, we strive to invest in our team and upskill wherever we can, whether it be internal or external training. The ILM Level 2 Leadership and Team Skills course is just one example of the courses our team have participated in over the past few months.

“The ILM course was very interesting and beneficial for my role here at Atkins Search. My mentor, Ajay was excellent and did a great job of engaging with the group. The points covered during the course were relevant to everyone, regardless of their industry, and the scenarios were explained in way that could easily relate to your day-to-day role.

This course has given me more confidence in my role and helped to identify key situations that are common in the workplace, and how to overcome/manage them. I have also implemented the Action Plan we completed as part of our assignment across the business, which has helped identify key goals and development areas for our consultants. Partnering the theoretic knowledge with my practical experience in my role has given me a well-rounded appreciation of leadership.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my journey into leadership and look forward to continuing to learn along the way.“

Congratulations Jade on your ILM Qualification!