6 Years in Business!

​Six years in business – A milestone for us – definitely…

Over the past 6 years we have posted many an update on social media platforms, and each one has been to clearly identify the next step we have taken on our businesses journey. Without this being another self-congratulatory post telling everyone how good we think we are, I’m passing this one over to our clients and candidates:

                “Your team have been instrumental in supporting the growth of our business over the past 3 years and we couldn’t have done it without you” Managing Director – Construction Consultancy

                “We always ring you first as we know you will only send through quality” Director – Construction Main Contractor

                “We really appreciate you took the time to meet with the candidates we interviewed, it makes all the difference” Commercial Director – Residential Developer

                “I have never experienced a service from a recruitment consultancy quite like it, the help and support your provided me in securing the role was excellent” Assistant Project Manager – Construction Consultancy

“We just trust you” Managing Director – Construction Main Contractor

The above is a snippet of the comments we have had in just this working week about how we operate and who we are.

Building any business in any sector is a challenge, but building it in a professional, respectful and ethical manner is the easy part. Since conception, our aim was to just “do the right thing” and long may that continue.

Finally, thanks to all our clients, candidates and employees new and old who have played a part in our business over the past 6 years. We thank you all.