Senior Cost Consultant - Construction Consultancy

Olivia is an exceptional individual, who’s passion for her works shines through the moment you start speaking to her. Working with her is not just a professional interaction; it’s a genuinely enjoyable experience. Initially coming in contact nearly two years ago, I have kept in touch with her throughout this period and regularly touching base, and when the time was right for me to start thinking about my next move she was at the top of my list to start a discussion about potential opportunities. This is all due to her hard work, dedication and friendly approach.

She has a great way of being super professional while still keeping things friendly and down-to-earth. It’s like she’s got this magic touch that makes the whole process feel more like a chat with a good friend who really knows their stuff. Olivia is a real gem and a great representative for Atkins Search, bringing a lot of heart and expertise to what she does. Her approach not only makes the whole experience better for everyone involved but also really shows the best side of your organisation and the individuals who represent you.

Friendly and Approachable:

From the very first interaction, Olivia’s friendly nature shone through. She has a gift for making people feel at ease, creating a comfortable and engaging atmosphere that fosters open communication. This approachability is a breath of fresh air in the professional world and has been instrumental in building a strong and trusting relationship.

Attention to Detail:

Olivia’s keen eye for detail is remarkable. She has consistently shown an in-depth understanding of my needs and preferences, ensuring that every aspect of the recruitment process is tailored to fit my needs.  Her ability to grasp and address the finer points has made a significant difference in finding the right match for me.

Patience and Client Focus:

In a fast-paced industry, Olivia’s patience is a standout quality. She balances urgency with a deep commitment to meeting client needs, always putting those needs at the forefront. Her dedication to finding the perfect fit, rather than the quickest, is something I greatly appreciate.

Efficiency and Promptness:

Olivia’s efficiency is impressive. She handles each part of the process with a swiftness and professionalism that makes everything seem effortless. Her prompt responses and proactive approach have made the entire journey smooth and stress-free for me.

A Joy to Work With:

Simply put, working with Olivia is a joy. Her positive attitude and professional manner make every interaction a pleasant experience. She brings a level of enthusiasm and warmth to her work that is both refreshing and inspiring. Olivia is a true asset to Atkins Search, her blend of professionalism, warmth, and efficiency is a rare find. I wholeheartedly recommend her services and am looking forward to any future collaborations should the need occur.