Laura's 5 Year Anniversary

We are celebrating Laura’s 5-year anniversary with us at Atkins Search!

Laura joined Atkins Search and Antony back in February 2019, and has been instrumental in propelling both the team and Atkins Search forward.

We spoke to Laura about how she feels about hitting 5 years with Atkins Search –

“Over 5 years ago, before joining Atkins Search, I was at a huge fork in the road to whether I wanted to remain within Recruitment or not, however after two meetings with Antony Rowe, I knew I had to grab the opportunity with both hands to work with Antony and Atkins Search. On 11th February 2019, I made my best career decision to date and joined Atkins Search (was Atkins James then!).

5 years ago, I walked into a small office at Ransom Wood in Mansfield, unbeknownst to me at that time, to embark on an incredible yet challenging journey, leading to unprecedented business, personal and professional growth.

Antony and I discussed how we’d like a business we are proud of with an unrivalled culture, to give people life changing career opportunities, challenge the recruitment stereotype and deliver an exceptional quality of service to the construction industry. Fast forward 5 years later; we are very much on the path to all those things, we are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, however, our intentions are genuine with our people and business are at the forefront of every decision we make.

Over the past 5 years, I personally have been granted fantastic opportunities such as to open and grow our Consultancy division, promoted 3 times from Senior Consultant to Manager and now Associate Director, hire an amazing team, watch my team develop (and in turn be promoted too!), head up the Permanent division, myself and others offered share option scheme, office moves, involved in strategic business decisions, and so much more!

I feel very proud and lucky that I get to call what I do ‘work’, I no longer have the Sunday night / Monday morning dread due to the incredible culture and environment we have created and maintained, and I am SO pleased I decided to take the opportunity to remain within the recruitment industry and become an integral part of this wonderful business we call Atkins Search.

Atkins Search is more than just a business to me, Atkins Search is an opportunity to realise your full potential, be a part of an incredible team and ethos, and to achieve whatever you want to achieve – no matter how big or small.

Here’s to the last 5 years and many, many more years to come!”

Congratulations on 5 years Laura, here’s to many more!